National Thesaurus Day 2023: Date, Significance, And More!

//National Thesaurus Day 2023: Date, Significance, And More!

National Thesaurus Day 2023: Date, Significance, And More!


We may not always say it explicitly, but there are many times when we’re thankful for something or someone. Practicing any speaking and writing sections with keeping these synonyms in mind can fetch you good marks. You will see that enriching your vocabulary will help you score good marks in the Listening section as well. In this article, you will get knowledge about important general words for IELTS writing task 2 and its synonyms. When you know the common synonyms for IELTS Writing task 2, you will never run out of words to write an essay of 250 words. If you wish to get settled in abroad, check out the information related to IELTS preparation online India and join the best online coaching for IELTS.

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The Pixel Tablet could be the iPad killer I’ve waited years for.

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Instead of using the same word again and again. When you know the synonyms of the common words you will be able to use those words at different times. Hence, learning synonyms of the common word is really helpful for candidates preparing for the IELTS examination. In the further section, you will learn the synonym of the common words that you can use while writing task 2. For these fascinated, I also developed Describing Words which helps you discover adjectives and interesting descriptors for things (e.g. waves, sunsets, timber, etc.).

The Importance Of Gratitude In Everyday Life

It is polite to give a reason why. If we just say, “No”, then the other person will probably feel bad or offended. And He it is Who hath appointed night and day in succession, for him who desireth to remember, or desireth thankfulness. Initially, this video below was posted to LinkedIn. But, as I can’t embed the LinkedIn video here, I have uploaded it to YouTube.

  • It’s synonymous with appreciation, acknowledgment and respect.
  • Do you use the word happy combined with very, such as, very happy, very very happy.
  • A feeling of gratitude helps you appreciate the things you have rather than focusing on what you don’t.
  • When the U.S. financial system started to fall apart in 2008, the euro appreciated in opposition to the greenback to $1.60.

It’s quite common in that sense. The word thrilled is to feel a sudden sense of happiness. Okay, a sudden sense of excitement. That sudden rush of happiness that would be to feel thrilled.

Types of antonyms

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful.Being thankful for your good health is one of the examples of gratitude. Get in touch with us for more information, or check out some of our programs. These are some ideas you can use to widen your vocabulary and word choices while responding on your company’s social media account. I am confident it will increase your engagement. It’s so nice that you could take time out of your busy day to share your valuable insights. Someone from our team will reach out to you soon.

  • Know more about Vocabulary and ace the concept of Synonyms or Antonyms.
  • Instead, learn one thing at a time and master it before moving on to the next.
  • Okay, so what does pleased mean?
  • In positive psychology, gratitude is well researched as a feeling of strong happiness.

So if you’re a student, okay who’s worked really hard all through the year. Who’s studied hard and sacrificed parties and what not and finally at the end of the year when you achieve the result that you wanted, what will you feel? You may, you know use one of these words to express but you will also feel, content. You know that I worked hard, I achieved what I wanted and hence I’m content. So content means to feel satisfied.

For instance, the people we overlook the most are our parents. Even when your mother hands you a glass of water, you should convey that you’re thankful for her effort. To complete the sections in the given time, candidates need to learn smart techniques to speed up their work and to enhance their accuracy of answers. Talking specifically about the Writing Section it has 2 Tasks.

What is the true meaning of appreciation?

Appreciation, generally terms, is a rise in the worth of an asset over time. China’s ascension onto the world stage as a significant economic energy has corresponded with price swings within the trade price for its foreign money, the yuan. Beginning in 1981, the forex rose steadily against the dollar until 1996, when it plateaued at a worth of $1 equaling eight.28 yuan until 2005. It meant cheaper manufacturing costs and labor for American firms, who migrated to the nation in droves.

So try and use these different words that we have on the board. Some of them you may have heard earlier but I’m sure you can use them in sentences in a much better way now. Hey, we are so glad you found this blog helpful. You may even like reading blogs on English grammar books, etc. There are four different kinds of antonyms- auto-antonyms, complementary antonyms, relational antonyms, and graded antonyms. Take every word as a new word and learn its meaning.

Examples of appreciation

In this Short English Lesson, you will learn 14 other ways to say Thank you In English. Thank you- is correct when someone help you, but an overused English phrases… What do you say when someone wishes you – Happy New Year, Same to you, isn’t that true? Well it’s an over used English phrases. Answer- No, not all words have antonyms, but most nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives do. Some words can have more than one antonym; for example, the antonym for neat can be messy and untidy.

To feel happy with what you have achieved. So you could make a sentence like, well, Chris felt extremely content, alright once he heard the results of is exams. Hi friends, I’m Sonia and I hope that your day has been going well so far.

“If they’re human men at all, they gotta stop.” The 10 Best Westerns … – Collider

“If they’re human men at all, they gotta stop.” The 10 Best Westerns ….

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Okay over here, you’ll hear people say or you’ll hear agents tell you, well we’re glad to help you. We’re glad you are our customer. The word glad is extremely similar to the word happy. Okay so if you say happy or you say glad, it almost means the same thing. Alright, so I’ll write down over here, it’s similar to happy.

Different ways to say – ‘I’m Happy’ – Alternatives to Happy

synonyms of thanks must start practising questions throughPunjab Police SI Previous Year Papers to get an idea of what type of questions can be asked in the exam. Well, that’s it from me today and this brings me to the end of the lesson. I hope that you enjoyed watching. Keep a watch on the videos that come up on our channel, keep learning and keep practising so that you can become the best in spoken English. I’ll see you soon, till then take care and goodbye. Make this process fun by trying word games and using different antonyms each time.


In a task one candidate needs to describe the visual representation like graphs, tables. In task 2 candidates are given a topic and they have to write their opinion about the topics. To get admission in any of the institutions abroad and to get an entry in any country other than your home country, you have to provide proof of your English proficiency.

You can say, well this movie is a light-hearted movie. Save the antonym list given above. Learn 5 or more each day and incorporate them into your daily vocabulary. Don’t mug up the antonym words, as they won’t always fit the same in every sentence. Instead, learn what the word means in the sentence context and use antonyms when appropriate.

Kindly let me know if you have any questions. I did a little research and learned about the material expense for your project. In this email, I am sharing an excel sheet containing all the items we will utilize to develop the project.

These can be used in place of regular-use terms. Relational antonyms are also referred to as converse antonyms. This term describes word pairs where the opposite makes sense only in the context of the relationship between the two meanings. An example of relational antonyms is “near” and “far,” since an object cannot be near without measuring it against an object that is far away. The word “antonym” has its origins in the Greek language. The Greek word for “opposite” is “anti” and “name” is “onym.” Antonyms, therefore, are words that have opposite or contrasting meanings.

This could be toward your employer who retained you even when the organization was suffering or a friend who sent you a care package when you were feeling lonely. In the given sentence a word has been emboldened. Select the best alternative for the bold word from the given options. If none follows select option 5 as your answer. Neil was not very amused by the prank pulled by his son because his car ended up getting damaged.

Okay, that sudden feeling of excitement. You feel happy, you feel excited. So you could make a sentence like Maria felt thrilled when she heard the news of her promotion. She didn’t really feel just happy but thrilled. Hello English learners, We hope you are making good progress in your spoken English skills. In today’s English lesson with Sonia, you will learn alternatives to the word Happy, these words could also be called synonyms to happy.

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